Slow drifting


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A very calming photo to look at … It would be even better, very peaceful if I was here.

Simple, yet stylish home in Sydney


Cassie-home2Cassie-home 3

Welcome to Cassie Karinsky home in Sydney! The colourful rugs are what caught my eye. As well as the green plants, and her view to the  bush…I miss that view here in Holland. If you like what you see, see the rest of the photos and learn more about Cassie Karinsky here!

Mine, ‘his home in the sea’


It looks like it could be a painting, collage, or a photograph and mixed media?  ” I’m not responsible for the majority of the work used in these collages. I just put them together” - Matt Wisniewski

That answers my question. See more of this artist via hiswebsite).


A big orange celebration in Holland

Big Orange Celebration

If you are after a fun outdoor tradition that you won’t find elsewhere, I highly recommend Queen’s Day in Amsterdam – you won’t be disappointed. Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag in Dutch) is a national holiday in the Netherlands to celebrate the Dutch monarchy, Queen’s birthday. It´s a tradition that began back in 1949 on April 30 when Juliana became the new Queen of the Netherlands. Fortunately her daughter, Queen Beatrix decided to maintain her mother’s birth date, as her own birthday falls in the miserable cold month of January.

Queen’s Day is one big happy party – where the streets become a sea of people dressed in orange due to the tradition colour of the Dutch monarchy as well as the national colour of the Netherlands. It’s the only day of the year that anyone can sell anything on the streets without a permit. Everything is set up outside so you can just wander aimlessly, and find activities, street theater, open air concerts – all spread out throughout the city. People get there early to set up their stands on the streets. I´m always amazed what you can find – most of the time its stuff you don’t really need. Still, it’s really entertaining to see everyone including kids getting involved, trying to be original and creative while having fun making some money. Overall it’s a lot of fun and worth the experience!

Never Tear Us Apart – Prague

Booked my flight to Prague for next month!!! I have been wanting to go there for soooo long, that I can’t believe I’ve waited so long. So, getting myself in the mood! That’s why I have to share this music video clip with you from 1988, “Never Tear Us Apart”. Back when I was a teenager I loved this song by the amazing, talented band (from Oz!) INXS and the gorgeous leading man, Michael Hutchinson. They introduced me to this gothic, romantic city, called Prague … So many years later and this song and video continues to be very special and very cool!

Lovely Lille – France

A friend of mine advised me to visit Lille in France and so I did together with my partner and now I am the one spreading the word!. Lille is a well-preserved historic city with a mixture of French and Flemish heritage. Situated in the north of France near the Belgian border. I have to say, I was happily surprised how cultural and cosmopolitan it is. If you are into culture, good food, music, art and galleries - you are going to really love it.

We were only there for a weekend but it was more than enough to get a good vibe of the lively city it is. It’s really easy to get around without a map and pass the main tourist attractions. Lille is a lovely place to explore and discover luxury goods, wines, cheeses and spend your money at the french pâtisseries! … There are also plenty of antiques shops and art galleries where you can buy original paintings at an affordable price.

Palais des Beaux-Arts – The Fine Art Museum is considered to be the second largest general-interest museum in France, just after the Louvre – Though it’s nowhere near as big as the Louvre. It’s a beautiful monument of the late 19th century. It houses collections of 12th to 20th century European paintings it includes Dutch artists: Brueghel and Bosch, Rubens, Van Dyck. In my favourite rooms can you find marble sculpture by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel…

La Piscine – Museum of Art & Industry is located on the outskirt of Lille, in Roubaix. It once was a swimming pool in the 1920s but has been turned into a beautiful Museum. It’s such a magical art space to visit -I was really blown away. Besides loving swimming pools and Art Nouveau, it has something for everyone to admire. A collection of paintings, stained glass, sculptures from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Works include several fabric sample books from French factories, dating from 1835-1940.


Do you know of any other swimming pool or building transformed into a cool museum?



Tip: Museums admission is free on the 1st Sunday of the month.


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Back here after a long break, and this is how I am feeling like this little buddy! I have so much on my mind, ideas and projects that I am working on and hope to get through!!! Though, great things to come my way and looking forward to sharing them here :)

Black & White: Multiple Figures

Meet Brooklyn-based artsit, Leah Yerpe. As much as I love colour, I have to say, I also appreciate black and white figure drawings. Love the movement in these figures, not knowing where the drawing ends or where it begins on the paper. So they could be either floating figures or figures falling down?!. What do you think?

Artworks by NY artist, Leah Yerpe.
Find out more about artist, here

Film: Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks is a charming indie film about Calvin (Paul Dano) a shy, self-absorbed writer suffering from a writer block. Calvins therapist set him a task, “to writer something bad”. So he begins to write about a girl in his dream and falls in love with the character (his dream girl) his writing about and who then somehow becomes real? It might sound dull, but believe me, it is not!.

Ruby sparks directed by the husband-and-wife team Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine – that already gives you an idea what to expect in this film. However, in its own way, the film is very charming, romantic, funny and with some seriousness. The love between Calvin and Ruby is so undeniably pure and honest and really fun to watch.

This film has a great style, great shots and I love the soundtrack too. Ruby sparks oozes with tenderness, and vulnerability. The film is bursting of energy one moment and suddenly it comes to dark and quite serious moments. It’s impetuous, superbly written by Zoe Karzan, who dazzles with talent and style. So, did Ruby spark in the film? I say, she certainly did and I think you would love here too. Watch the trailer below.:

The Lady’s Bohemian Apartment

By the end of the season 8 of Project Runway (besides imitating Tim Gunn’s famous line “Make it work” ) Gretchen Jones managed to get everyone’s attention. Her rocker chic bohemian style is super cool! I can imagine her apartment, a place to want to hang around for a while and check out all the details, the decorations, the mix-match accessories hanging around the place.

Photos by  for Yo can see the rest of the shoot here.